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Kease Keshavarz

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Provide the most professional services associated with weaving in Iran

String production

production of robbon string from poly propylene

Sack production

production of sacks on different width and accumulation

Print division

print on the sacks are done in different colors based on consumer's demand

Sew and cut

for stapling of sacks with machines which are completely automatic

Putting layer

For producing double – layer sacks with inner poly Ethylene layers


For packing productions

Pictures sectors

Company Managers

Managers of all the services and maintenance of company ...



Contact us

Part D16-17_ Orkid avenue _ Shaghayegh street_ Jouybar industrial area_ Jouybar_ Mazandaran_Iran 

Tel: 0098 011 42561391 

Fax: 0098 011 42561391 int 6 

Email: info [@] keshavarzbag.com 

  Commercial Manager mobile: 0098 911 151 4275 

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About us

The manufacturing company of agricultural bas with the precedent of more than 20 years in the production of different kinds of poly propylene bags with high quality and competitive price , single layer – double layer with inner poly Ethylene layer laminate  and ….